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follow link Daring Discussions launches on Mother’s Day 2017 in memoriam of the original intent of the holiday: a day for women and mothers to work together toward peace.  In the shadows of the Civil War, and the sin of slavery,  women came together to begin to heal a nation. The original intent of the day was to engage women in deliberations toward peace. Laying the groundwork for the abolitionists and suffrage movement. Our work is not yet finished.


opzioni digitali 60 grafici SRL - Stazione Confinaria Di S. Andrea 8 - 34170 Gorizia (GO)45.9193213.61602: visualizza indirizzo, numero di telefono, CAP, mappa, indicazioni stradali e altre informazioni utili per TRADING TEAM SRL in Gorizia su Paginebianche. Daring Discussions uplifts the work of mothering and calls on ALL those who nurture to continue the work of restoring the fabric of our human relationships. Carrying the torch of those from the past who worked toward peace, we hope this Toolkit helps you navigate Daring Discussions that will bring us closer to a more just country and world.

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bdswiss oder УЄhnliche In honor of our shared American history to engage in difficult conversations for the sake of our collective advancement and to bring us back to the original intention of Mother’s Day, we have built a Toolkit to help those interested in working toward a common ground for the betterment of all.

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http://mediaeffectivegroup.pl/?jiiopaa=opcje-binarne-5-minut&75d=c1 Thank you, in advance, for being brave and vulnerable. This unique time in history requires that we dig deep into our ancestral roots for inspiration and look to both our friends, and our perceived foes, for the guidance to navigate the collective obstacles we all face.

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here In Solidarity,

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Sarah Sophie Flicker
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Contributions Made By…

Strategic Advisors

  • Bob Bland
  • De’Ara Belanger
  • Meredith Shepard
  • Tanya Selvaratnam


  • Carmen Perez, Author
  • Cassady Fendley, Author
  • Cole B, Advisor
  • Corey S. Kupfer, Author
  • Jenna Arnold, Author
  • Meredith Shepard, Co-Author
  • Move the Crowd
  • Reshma Saujani, Author
  • Rha Goddess, Co-Author
  • Shamil Idriss, Advisor


  • Baratunde Thurston
  • Carmen Perez
  • Corey Kempster
  • Danielle Sheypuk
  • Dr. Leslie Faerstein
  • Jose Antonio Vargas
  • Linda Sarsour
  • Maryam Turkey
  • Meredith Shepard
  • Michael Skonlik
  • Michela Angela Davis
  • Nelini Stamp
  • Reshma Saujani
  • Rha Goddess
  • Sarah Sofie Flicker
  • Tanya Selvaratnam
  • Teresita Fernandez


  • Paola Mendoza, Director
  • Sarah Sophie Flicker, Creative Director
  • Becky Morrison, Producer (The Light)
  • Rachel Fleit, Producer (KFM)
  • Amber Guyton, Producer (KFM)
  • Sebastian Mylnarski, Director of Photography
  • Monica Palmieri, 1st AD
  • Gloria La Morte, 2nd AD
  • Arina Bleiman, B Camera Operator
  • Nestor Marmol, DIT
  • Natalia Majette, Gaffer
  • Phil Shipman, Sound Mixer
  • Anne Pope, Sound Mixer
  • Dominika Ksel, Sound Intern
  • Jessi Grove, Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Kisha Bari, Still Photographer
  • Julie Platner, Still Photographer
  • Alcee Walker, Production Assistant
  • John J. Goldbeck, Production Assistant
  • Enjelika Anastasopoulos, Production Assistant
  • Reynaldo Alamo, Production Assistant
  • Phrogg Weiss, Production Assistant
  • Winina Lukito, Director's Assistant


  • Brian Crimmins, Sound Mixer & Composer
  • for Guiding Principles
  • Cara Flynn, Producer (Switch FX)
  • Clarissa Blau, Post Producer (Cabiria)
  • Diana Dayrit, Executive Producer (Switch FX)
  • Hazel McKibbin, Editor (Consulate)
  • Jon Magel, Flame Artist (Switch FX)

Distribution & Outreach

  • Alyssa Klien
  • Breanna Butler
  • Catilin Ryan
  • Emma Collum
  • Mariam Ehrari
  • Mrinalini Chakraborty
  • Sophie Ellman-Golan
  • Stephanie Miliano


  • Jenna Arnold
  • Jenai Kavarana


  • Anjali Kumar

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